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LOOK: Tarlac is Rainbow!

For the first time in history, the Tarlac Provincial Capitol was lit up in rainbow lights on June 15, 2022 in celebration of Pride Month. This momentous building lighting activity was the initiative of Governor Susan Yap and affirms the province’s support of freedom of expression among the LGBTQIA+ community.

Governor Susan Yap, in all her years of public service, has tirelessly strived to keep Tarlac province a safe and welcoming space for people of all genders, colors, backgrounds, and beliefs. As a pro-people leader, she shares that her vision for Tarlac has always been to keep the province a place where everybody and anybody can flourish as human beings.

Governor Yap and the Provincial Government of Tarlac expends all their efforts in fostering an open and discrimination-free community. She firmly believes that Tarlac thrives on the creativity, resourcefulness, and resilience that stems from its community’s diversity.

The rainbow lighting activity in the capitol was also a prelude to the series of events that Tarlac hosted all throughout Pride Month.

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Philippine Governor-Elect Oh Young-Hoon Met With Governor of Tarlac “Win-Win For Both Countries by Expanding Seasonal Workers

On the 22nd, Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Governor-elect Oh Young-hoon had a meeting with the Philippine Governor Susan Yap at the 4th floor of the Seolmundae Women’s Culture Center and discussed ways of exchange and cooperation between the two regions.

President-elect Oh said, “The Jeju region is experiencing difficulties due to a shortage of manpower in every farming season. said

Governor Susan Tarlac said, “I want to run a program to educate Filipino workers in Korean and work in Jeju.

In response, President-elect Oh said, “If public officials from Tarlac are permanently stationed in Jeju, it will be of great help in preventing seasonal workers from leaving without permission and protecting workers’ working conditions and human rights. He added.

President-elect Oh continued, “If we take office on July 1, let’s make discussions with Tarlac to operate the seasonal foreign worker program and sign a business agreement.” suggested that

President-elect Oh also said, “In order to improve the relationship between the two regions, direct flights between Jeju Island and Tarlac are needed.

Meanwhile, President-elect Oh Young-hoon met UAE Ambassador Abdullah Saif Al Nuaimi on the 21st, and had a meeting with Singaporean Ambassador to Korea Eric Tao at Jeju International Airport on the 15th.

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